Learn the Strategy; This 22-Year Old Used to Make $14,000 Last Month!

Learn the Strategy; This 22-Year Old Used to Make $14,000 Last Month! 


If you feel like you’re getting beat up in the sales industry and can’t catch a break, check out this video. 


In this video, I’m introducing you to 22 year old salesman, Luke Cape. Luke got into the industry when he was 18 years old, his dad actually owns a dealership and has been very successful. 


Luke had some hard times and came out of it stronger than ever! Like most salespeople, he formed some habits that led to distraction rather than productivity. 


He came to a Master Closer Seminar for skill acquisition, time management and learning how to develop the mindset of a WARRIOR! 


The knowledge he gained at the Master Closer Seminar radically transformed his habits, time management, he acquired new skills and learned to master his mindset! He’s now laser-focused and CRUSHING his goals!   


After learning these skills, he went from having management close 8 out of 10 of his deals for him, to closing 85% or more on his own!   


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