Become DEADLY at Selling, Closing, Negotiating, and Overcoming Objections

You will leave this live seminar knowing how to earn $500k plus a year and with the exact SKILL to make you UNSTOPPABLE.

Join me! I will make you become one of the world’s greatest salespeople of all time! Don’t believe me? TEXT ME and I can answer your questions 918-210-0254.

What You Will Learn at the Event

Here is a just a sample of what you will learn at the event

This Live Seminar is for:

You will leave on FIRE, with a strategy to scale overnight, and I’ll have you doubling or tripling your income! I got you! And lastly, if you are the very best in your store… it’s time to become the best in your state & the best in the county.

Top Earners

700K+ Selling Cars!

You want to earn 700k+ selling cars I’ll teach you! I did it! You can do it! My job is to teach you to be ten times better than me and I’m gonna make that happen! I’ll teach you to make a million a year if you’re truly ready!

It’s possible if you’re committed!

Location & Schedule

The Night before the training event, you can meet Andy and his entire team at the conference room between 6 pm and 8 pm.  Snacks and Drinks will be served. Come meet Andy personally before the big training day.

The Master Closer Seminar Event will be held in our Conference Room, where we will train from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Lunch will be provided.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It..

See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

After attending my first seminar I tripled my income the very first month. I immediately called Andy and booked my second seminar.  If anyone hasn’t been to a live seminar with Andy it is a life-changer.



I thought I was doing good making 10 grand a month.  Andy told me to come to the seminar and I would triple my income.  I went, and the first month after, I made 39 grand!  This training is no joke!  If you’re a skeptic, then you are a fool.  Andy’s training has taken me to a level I didn’t know existed.



Andy’s training has completely changed my life!  My wife thought the training would be a waste of money because other training in the past hasn’t worked.  She came with me, and we both have already booked our seats for the next live training.



When I came to my first seminar I was making around 6K per month.  The first month back, I made 20K.  I now have more confidence that I can provide for myself and my family.



My life was a total wreck.  I just got out of rehab. I didn’t believe I could have a great life. I met Andy and he made me feel that I could turn my life around.   Andy convinced me to come to a seminar. After the seminar, I was more driven, fired up, focused, and skilled than I have ever been in my life.  I am now the number 1 salesperson at my dealership.  I will never look back again.



Let's Go!

Let’s CRUSH IT together!

Join me! I will make you become one of the World’s Greatest Salespeople of All Time!
There never has and never will be a program like this again! Book your spot NOW and Change Your Life FOREVER!

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