Master Selling Cars on the Phone

One of the biggest problems salesmen have when selling cars on the phone is failing to have a consistent and productive game plan. Without a consistent and productive game plan you’ll get nervous or lose confidence at some point during the call. There is a natural level of apprehension when you come into contact with new people.

Before you can successfully sell a vehicle over the phone, you must win the customer over. You need to make the customer believe that you truly want to help. You hold the key to creating a great working relationship during the phone call. Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance!

There is no such things as Phone Talent! There are people who are trained on the phone and people who are not trained. You cannot close a sale until it is opened! The sale is opened or closed within the first 30 seconds of the call.

Within 30 seconds your customer will:

  • Make assumptions about your likability
  • Make assumptions about your character
  • Make assumptions about your intentions
  • Make assumptions about your competence as a salesman
  • Make assumptions about how positive or negative the buying experience will be

More importantly, within the first 30 seconds of the phone call you are able to:

  • Evaluate your customer’s interest
  • Make assumptions about your customer’s likability
  • Make assumptions about how positive or negative the sales opportunity will be
  • Determine how difficult your customer will be

When selling to someone “face-to-face”, a successful salesman will use body talk. Here are some examples of body talk.

  • Open hand gestures
  • Postures
  • Eye contact
  • Handshakes
  • Head gestures /nodding
  • Closeness/distance from the customer
  • Your appearance/ dress and jewelry
  • Smoking, etc.

Unfortunately, as great as you might be at “face-to-face” sales, there are far fewer tools available for selling over the phone. To sell over the phone you must be very well prepared. You must practice every day in order to use your voice to express your “body talk” over the phone.

Using inflection in your voice you can show your confidence and excitement. More importantly, you can show through your voice that you’re not selling them –you’re HELPING THEM.

Using your voice effectively will allow you to transfer emotion and develop a connection with your customer. IF you want the best chance to sell every customer over the phone you need to:

  • Be enthusiastic and open
  • Treat your customer with respect and empathy
  • Demonstrate positive “voice intonation”
  • Give a friendly greeting and an explanation of how you will be able to help them
  • Do NOT prescribe the treatment before you have diagnosed the illness
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