My Toughest Negotiation Ever!

My Toughest Negotiation Ever! 



If you want to earn a multiple six-figure income, mastering the skill of negotiation is the KEY to unlocking your success! 


In this video training, I’ll go over my toughest negotiation ever and equip you with the tips and strategies you need to overcome every objection! 


You always want to close on the first pencil! If you have to get up and leave your customer unattended, you just lost ground. While you’re gone, they’re deciding to leave, keep their car, go shop, ect. 


When you come back with the second pencil, you have to take the time to overcome another round of objections and get the customer to re-engage, before you present the second pencil.   


Sharpen your skill set! Invest in yourself, knowledge is power and action is everything! It’s time for you to level-up! Learn to negotiate like a pro and close on the first pencil! 


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