Objection Handling- I Need to Pray About It

Objection Handling- I Need to Pray About It 



What is a person conveying when they say they need to pray about a decision? They need to feel peace that it’s the right decision, right?


One reason your customer might be using this objection is because your approach is making them feel uneasy. The best way to overcome this objection is to make sure it never comes up in the first place. 


We sell like a lion yet we’re as gentle as a lamb. Build rapport with your customers and keep that rapport and trust strong throughout the transaction and they’ll feel at peace with you. 


What’s the best way to handle that objection if you’ve done all you can and it comes up anyway? I’ll explain how to handle that objection in this video! 


Remember, one word can advance a deal forward and one word can kill the deal on the spot. Make sure your words are pleasing to hear!     


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This is a great training highlighting the importance of posture, your words and maintaining rapport!

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