Car Sales Training Objection Handling Techniques

Objection Handling Techniques

Objection Handling Techniques 



Everyone who knows me knows my favorite things are closing, negotiations, and overcoming objections! If you can master these skills, you will DOMINATE in any sales profession!


In this video, I’m sharing tips and techniques you MUST acquire to master the art of overcoming objections! 


Sell like a lion and act like a lamb! 


Most salespeople are in their head planning the next thing they’re going to say, instead of truly listening to their customer. People hate being ignored! They’re not going to care what you say, until you show that you care! 


Before you can overcome any objection, you must first establish rapport with your customer by making them feel heard and understood. 


Know how to neutralize their objection BEFORE you make your counterpoint to avoid tension and keep your rapport strong. 


Are you ready to level-up? No one joins the ranks of the 1%ers Club by accident! You gotta go WARRIOR beast mode! Text me at 918-210-0254 for a FREE strategy session! 


This is a MUST see training!!