Over an Hour of LIVE Role Play Training!

Over an Hour of LIVE Role Play Training! 



One of the most POWERFUL training videos you can watch! This training is real and relevant! 


Role play is one of the most valuable and effective methods of training.Through role play training, you’re able to detect subtle nuances and learn from more than the words being spoken. You can observe the person’s posture, tonality, body language, and confidence level. 


This type of training also puts you in the third person perspective. It engages your feelings on a different level, instead of being the one conveying the message, you get to be on the receiving/observing end. You’ll notice how certain phrases make you feel. Does it motivate you or rub you the wrong way?


Grab a pen and paper and make note of your observations as you watch this video. There’s great tips and scripts in this training that you’ll want to add to your arsenal. Remember, 90% of what you write down, you retain! 


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