Overcoming Objections Live Role Play

Overcoming Objections Live Role Play 



One of the best ways to learn how to handle objections is by watching another salesperson overcome objections. Pay attention to their posture, body language, tonality… is their voice cracking, are they getting nervous?


Notice how you would feel if you were the customer sitting in front of them. Would you lose confidence in their ability to serve you at the highest level? Would you detect weakness and push for a better deal?  


As a sales professional, it’s your job to master the art of overcoming objections. Practice role playing, take the NOs and overcome them! 


One of the biggest mistakes I see salespeople making is overselling. They get nervous and ramble. Stop doing that! Practice, practice, practice! 


Objections are what a customer will give you before they buy. It’s simply part of the process. It’s not personal. 


It could be a stall tactic. It’s natural to get hesitant before making a significant financial commitment. In that case, the salesperson’s job is to go ahead and push them through to make the purchase. 


Or, it could be a real objection, then it’s your job to handle their objection by presenting a solution. Having word tracks tattooed on your heart will help you overcome any situation with confidence!


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This is a MUST watch video! Watch it multiple times, study posture and tonality. Practice daily, hone your skills and go CRUSH it!