Overcoming the Objection, “I Need to Think About It.”

Overcoming the Objection, “I Need to Think About It.” 


The most important thing you can do with your customer is build rapport and trust, because if they like you- they’ll BUY from YOU!  


Do you know what stage trust and rapport is most frequently broken? During the negotiation phase! 


Why is that? Most of the time, it’s because sales people get nervous, lose their confidence, talk too much, start confusing the customer, and the customer starts feeling that the salesperson is no longer trustworthy. 


You never want to practice on your customers, you only get one shot with them! Practice is VITAL to your success! Memorize my word tracks, tattoo them on your heart. 


The more adept you are with speaking these word tracks naturally and making modifications to fit the situation, the more calm and confident you will be! And you’ll maintain that trust and rapport with your customer!  


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