Phone Sales- How to Keep a Customer When the Car Sold

Phone Sales- How to Keep a Customer When the Car Sold



A common mistake I see salespeople making is telling a customer that the car they’re calling about has sold. 


What happens? The customer hangs up on you, calls another dealer and buys from someone else. 


Guys, this is a fish jumping into your boat. Don’t throw it out! The person is calling because they have a need for a car- it’s your job to sell cars! 


In this video, I’m teaching you how to avoid falling into the “car is sold” trap by giving you tips on what to say instead, that will convert a caller into a customer. 


First, you have to build rapport, then handle the objection well. Remember you can’t close a sale until the sale is open. Once you have done that, then you offer the customer a solution to solve their problem.  


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Grab and pen and paper, watch this video and never make the “car is sold” mistake again!


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