Powerful! Andy Interviews KC Nix- Toyota’s #1 Sales Trainer!

This is a POWERFUL video that you do not want to miss! I’m interviewing Toyota’s #1 Sales Trainer, KC Nix. 

Powerful! Andy Interviews KC Nix- Toyota’s #1 Sales Trainer!   


The first thing KC conveys to his trainees is that they are the ASSET. They are worth the investment of time and money that it takes to learn and develop their skills and sharpen their mindset. 


Think about it, you’re taking a total stranger and converting them into a satisfied customer and friend. They leave with a favorable opinion of the dealership and their experience with you- you’re an ASSET to your dealership!


What if you take it a step further and take ownership of your business within your dealership. You’re not just working for a dealership, you’re growing your brand, your own business, creating your lifetime customers and referral base. 


In any dealership, you find a salesperson selling 30 cars per month working next to a salesperson that’s selling 8 cars per month. It’s not the dealership or management, it’s a matter of taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own SUCCESS!


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Watch this POWERFUL and MOTIVATIONAL video and get inspired to take control of your earnings potential TODAY!!