Advanced Overcoming Objections Course


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This brand-new course is my Advanced Overcoming Objections Course. It is me personally teaching you live on video how to overcome every single objection that you could ever get at the car dealership. This will cover phone objections, objections on the lot, and objections you will get inside while negotiating. If you want to learn how to overcome any objection you will ever get this course is going to be the course that will change your life! Not only do you get to see every single objection handled live by me on video, but you also will also get an entire PDF transcript of every single objection. You can print the PDFs so you can memorize them one by one. This course not only teaches you the exact word tracks to overcome every single objection, but I also teach you how to do body language, voice tonality, energy, etc for each close. While watching you can practice mirroring me along with memorizing the PDF word tracks. This is by far the deadliest course I’ve ever released, by diving into more detail for each objection, will change every salesperson life!


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