Closer Techniques


Car Sales Training Closing Techniques



Never Negotiate Again! Close with 100% Money Justification! Be Unstoppable On The Pencil!

This is a training about selling in today’s market. Customers win the battle on objections most times. Why? Because customers today are more prepared to object, than our sales people are equipped to overcome their objections. We rely on chances to make it in this business. END this today! Give your sales force the tools needed to be deadly on the first pencil… No need for negotiation or combativeness. Close with 100% money justification.

No smoke! No lies! Pure logic!

The only thing you’ll say is, “Man, I wish I could’ve known about this sooner!”

Quit wasting advertising dollars unless you are prepared to handle the traffic coming through your doors. These tools will increase sales and gross immediately, whether you have a veteran that has been there for five years or a fresh new hire that has been there for three days.

This training is the answer you’ve been waiting for to increase sales and gross. You’ll be surprised at how turn-over is also eliminated when you have a sales force that feels confident and takes pride in their career. Thank you in advance for visiting us and we look forward to our partnership in making your team the best it could be. Objections like: The payment is too high, the price is too high, i want more for my trade-in , and even how to deal with limited credit customers will never be an issue again. Out with the old. It doesn’t work in today’s times. with this, your competition won’t stand a chance.


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