Elite Coaching Membership

$99.00 / month



This will be a weekly coaching and you’ll have access to all three coaches on live zoom meetings for one hour. We will have Q&A along with killer topics every week to advance your skill set to make you more money in the car business. Also you will get all the perks such as the role-play app, 20% off online training, and if you miss the live zoom meeting you can watch the recordings on the membership page!

  • Weekly Coaching and Accountability
  •  20% Off Site Wide Discounts
  •  Monday With Andy Elliott @ 9AM PDT
  •  Twin Tuesday with Ian & Evan Macklin @ 9AM PDT
  •  Wild Wednesday with Shawn Pollard @ 9AM PDT

In these meetings we will cover:

  • Weekly Strategies to crush your competition
  • Advanced Negotiation
  • Live Weekly Role Play
  • Live Q&A with Andy Elliott
  • Marketing Strategies to create 50 leads a day to your cell phone
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Phone Training

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