Overcoming Objections Book




Overcoming Objections Book by Andy Elliott

Andy Elliott’s Overcoming Objection book will teach you how to overcome every single objection that you get in a car dealership from customers.

For example, when someone says:

  • I need to think about it.
  • I’ll get back with you.
  • This is my first stop.
  • My other half isn’t with me.
  • I only have 15 minutes.
  • We have three more vehicles we need to look at before we purchase.
  • What’s my interest rate?
  • There’s one more vehicle we want to look at before buying? 
  • We don’t need to test drive we already drove one just like it last night.
  • I’m not buying for a few months.

Andy will cover price objections, payment objections.  For example: what’s your best price, we are not interested until we know the price.  Andy will cover trade objects: I want a pay off for my trade-in, I need to know what I’m getting for my trade-in before I buy anything.

The list goes on and on and he teaches you how to overcome every single objection out there in his book. You will love it! It will take your skill to a whole new level!



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