Sales Warrior vs Salesperson- Find Out Who You Really Are!

Sales Warrior vs Salesperson- Find Out Who You Really Are! 


What’s the difference between a Salesperson and a Sales Warrior? 

A salesperson has a 9-5 mentality. They see the customer as a one-time opportunity to close a deal. Sure, they’d like to close every customer, but if they don’t, there will always be another customer. 


They have some skill and some drive, but they’re not motivated to unlock their full potential. They’re content making an average income and having an average life. 


Think about the military, if they go on 10 missions, do you think they’re content winning 4 battles? NO! There’s a strategy behind the 10 missions that’s greater than each individual battle! 


A Sales Warrior thinks in terms of strategy. They’re relentless and obsessed with unlocking their full potential and becoming unstoppable! 


The sales warrior doesn’t see “a customer” they see a lifetime relationship with that customer and the customer’s entire network of family, friends and social network. They know that every customer can buy, and will buy, as long as they do their job. 


They take responsibility and know if they have the right mindset and skill set, they can provide exceptional customer service that will not just close the deal, it will create a long-lasting relationship with that customer. 


Do you play checkers, or do you play chess? If you’re always thinking 10-15 steps ahead and maximizing every opportunity- you’re a WARRIOR!


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