Salesman Shares How He Made $36,000 Last Month!

This is a great video for anyone who’s new to the auto sales industry, if you’ve hit a plateau and stalled out, or simply want to level-up. 

Salesman Shares How He Made $36,000 Last Month! 


I’m interviewing Keith Kennedy. Keith is 32 years old, never thought he would be in the car business. Some hard knocks in life got him into the industry when he was 24 year old. 


He went to the dealership looking for a job three times before they hired him.The third time he submitted his application and left thinking he wasn’t going to get the job, he had that pivotal rock bottom moment that fuels him to work hard and strive to be the BEST he can be!  


He works hard and smart, he trains relentlessly! He earned $12,000 per month consecutively his first 26 months in the business. Earned top salesman of the year for five consecutive years. 


His first year in the auto sales industry, he earned $175,000!! And he’s just getting started! Keith is training with me to hit the $400,000 mark and he’s on track to CRUSH his goals!! 


Keith knows the auto sales industry has tremendous potential! ANYONE can earn incredible income and change their lives- IF they want it!! Kick the complaining, victim mentality to the curb, take ownership and CRUSH your goals! 


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