Strategic Advice For Automotive Sales People

Strategic Advice For Automotive Sales People



One thing I’ve observed as an automotive sales trainer is that 90% of salespeople are so close to breaking through to success! It’s the same challenges they’re struggling with that have kept them stuck and frustrated. 


In this video, I’m interviewing a young man from Canada, MJ, who bumped up against some challenges, then pushed past them to find success! 


MJ has been training with me for several months now. He’s a firm believer in the circle of influence. You will become like the five closest people around you. 


His advice for anyone in the auto sales industry, young or old, seasoned veteran or newbie- treat it like a business and there’s unlimited potential. If you treat it as a job, or a temporary gig, you’re going to struggle. 


When he first started in the industry, MJ had some struggles with management at a couple dealerships before he found the dealership that was a good fit for him. 


If you’re having difficulty with management or the team at a dealership, there are two paths you can take. 


First, take a look in the mirror and be accountable for your actions and your training- be the BEST version of yourself regardless of your environment! 


After that, you need to decide if you’re in an environment conducive to your growth, can you thrive in that environment?  


If not, find a dealership that’s a better fit for you. If you think that you can grow and thrive despite some of the people or factors around you, then use that as fuel to crush your goals and prove them all wrong! 


This young man is an inspiration! If this video resonates with you and you’re ready to take your career to the next level, text me at 918-210-0254 for a FREE strategy session!