Subprime Credit Close

Subprime Credit Close 


What’s the first thing you do when you meet a new customer? Do you allow their wishlist to direct your vehicle search? 


If so, what happens when they form an emotional attachment to a vehicle they don’t qualify for? Are you able to switch gears and get them interested in something else? Or do you lose the customer? 


Knowing how to take control of the deal from the start by getting them to feel comfortable with you is KEY. 


Once you gain their confidence and trust, they’ll let you do a credit pull to determine the type of vehicle that fits their needs. Customers with poor credit need an advocate to help them understand the importance of building their credit to get into position to purchase the vehicle they desire.


In this video, I’ll give you the strategy and word tracks to take control of the transaction from the start, and show you how to be the advocate your customer needs.   


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