The 4 Step Follow Up System

The 4 Step Follow Up System

If you want to be deadly at mastering the skill of followup, this video is for you! 


When I was a General Manager, I taught these skills to my entire sales team and they CRUSHED it! I teach these skills in dealerships all over the County- this hydra system works!  


Follow up is so important, yet it is a skill that most salespeople suck at. One reason is because most people have a short-term perspective. 


When you take a step back and understand the long tail view of the sales timeline and how to bring potential customers into your sales funnel and KEEP them there, that’s when things shift. 


In this video, I’m going over 4 Steps you need to master. If there’s an area that you’re weak in, send me a text at 918-210-0254. I have scripts to help you grow in your skills so you can master the follow up! 


This is a vitally important skill set to master if you want to leverage your time and double or triple your numbers. Never let a customer slip through your fingers again! Click the video NOW and level-up!