The Best Type of Questions to Ask In Your Negotiations

The Best Type of Questions to Ask In Your Negotiations 



If you want to be great at sales and deadly at negotiations, you have to be good at asking the right questions! 


In this video, I’m going to show you the 9 types of questions you can ask your customers, and 5 different ways you can ask those questions. 


When you ask great questions, you get great answers. You have to be a good investigator and discover what’s driving your customer to make a decision. This gives you the opportunity to offer the solutions that close the deal.


One common mistake salespeople make is getting nervous about closing the deal and focusing too much attention on what they’re going to say. While the customer is talking, instead of listening to what their customer is saying, the salesperson gets in their head strategizing how they’re going to respond without truly listening. 


You’ve heard it before… You have two ears and one mouth, right? The first step in asking the right questions is developing the skill of truly listening! Customers don’t care what you know, until they know how much you care.


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Grab a pen and paper, write it down and retain it! You don’t want to miss these 9 types of questions and 5 ways to ask them. Watch this video and go CRUSH it!