The MOST Important Skill to Have In Sales

The MOST Important Skill to Have In Sales 


In the sales industry, you have people who are order takers and you have people who are master closers. The high-income earners understand that sales is a profession that requires the right mindset and skill set.


Do you know what the most important skill in sales is? The ability to close! 


Salespeople often think they need to get in front of more customers because it’s a game of numbers. If you can’t close 70% of the customers you’re in front of, the problem isn’t a lack of customers!


A lot of auto salespeople work at dealerships that have a steady flow of customers, which leads to the sales person taking the lazy attitude that if one customer leaves, it doesn’t matter because there will be another. 


What if your goal was to close 80% of your customers, what would that require of you? Would you have to level-up and acquire the right skill set and mindset?  


How well do you stay positioned when you’re under pressure? Your confidence level will either help your customer feel at ease and move forward, or it will make them feel something is off and want to back away. 


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