The Secret to Becoming a Laser-Focused Warrior!

If you’re serious about leveling-up, CRUSHING your goals and changing your life, having a mentor is the MOST important investment you can make!

That’s not just my opinion, it’s scientifically proven! Check this out-

Scientists who study fear and courage did a study with the United States Army Special Forces.They discovered these warriors respond differently to danger. Instead of becoming fearful and anxious, they become laser-focused. 

When under pressure their bodies produce less of the stress hormone cortisol and more neuropeptide Y, which improves performance under stress.

The scientists bred rodents into two groups: one consisting of very fearful rats, and one made up of rats that became laser-focused in dangerous situations.

When they autopsied the rats, they discovered that the amygdala (the part of the brain connected to fear and courage) of the courageous rats had receptors able to accept proteins that produced a calming effect.

The fearful rats lacked these receptors. Scientists wondered if it was possible to change that. They put the fearful rats under the care of the rodent mothers that had previously raised courageous offspring.

These mothers behaved differently than the mothers of the fearful rats.The foster mothers stayed very close and even slept on top of their new kids. Gradually, the behavior of the fearful rats changed, and they began taking risks.They soon became laser-focused WARRIORS! When their brains were examined, they had GROWN the receptors they had previously lacked.

Did you catch that? The fearful rats’ brains GREW the receptors needed to reduce fear, take risks, and become laser-focused WARRIORS!

What caused their brains to grow receptors? The influence of their new MENTOR! 

Think about those who perform well under stress- the Special Forces and athletes- what do they have in common? Coaches and mentors who are in their face day and night telling them they can do it!

It’s scientifically proven that the right influence- the right MENTOR- will develop the brain of a laser-focused warrior!

How do you CRUSH your goals and DOMINATE your competition? You become a WARRIOR!! 

Your past doesn’t matter, the nay-sayers around you don’t matter! What DOES matter is belonging to the right tribe and having a MENTOR!! 

Don’t wait another day! Text me at 918-210-0254! Let’s do this! Release your inner ROAR! It’s time for YOU to become a WARRIOR! 

Resource: Dr. C.A. Morgan III and Major Gary Hazlett, “Assessment of Humans Experiencing Uncontrollable Stress,” Special Warfare, Summer 2000, U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.