This Andy Elliott Interview Will Blow You Away!

This Andy Elliott Interview Will Blow You Away! 



In this video, Marc with AutoBahn Academy interviews Andy! You do not want to miss this informative and POWERFUL interview! 


Andy shares his background and the path that led him to enter the auto sales industry. His first day on the job, Andy witnessed his boss taking control and leading his customers to a quick, successful close.That pivotal moment led Andy to discover his passion for sales, training and personal development.   


Having a successful and very lucrative career in auto sales and as a GM, Andy was often asked for training tips, techniques and strategies. He noticed that auto sales training courses were outdated and lackluster. 


That led him to making a few training videos to help his teammates and fellow salespeople. The popularity of his training videos and the transformation people were experiencing caught his attention.   


Andy’s passion for training ignited and has never stopped burning! Every success story he hears fuels him with that much more passion to reach more people and transform more lives!


Andy is always accessible and willing to help anyone, at any level! Text 918-210-0254!  


This motivational interview will get you fueled up to go out and CRUSH your goals!


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