Top 15 Rules During Negotiations- Part 2 of 3

Top 15 Rules During Negotiations- Part 2 of 3 


This is Part 2 of the Top 15 Rules During Negotiations Series. Follow these rules and you’ll be a MASTER closer!


There are several mistakes that are commonly made during negotiations. We don’t know what we don’t know, right? 


When you don’t know that your words and actions can be breaking rapport and causing discomfort and uncertainty in your customer, you’re sabotaging your own success! 


Are you bulletproof when you hear objections? If not, you have to develop a resilient attitude! Your customers need to see that nothing they say or do rattles you. Why? When you’re positive, confident, calm, cool and collected, that makes them feel better about the deal they’re about to make.


Do you feel more confident when you portray your knowledge? Do you ever disagree with your customer? If you’re doing either of those, you could be killing your deals! 


If you’re serious about leveling-up and CRUSHING your goals, you know that the BEST time to practice honing your skills is in private! Practice on your personal time to crush it when you’re with your customers! 


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Watch this informative video! Make sure you’re taking notes and implement these 15 Rules! Never let another deal slip through your fingers again!