Tops 4 to Ways to Handle an Internet Lead

Top 4 Ways to Handle an Internet Lead


Do you want to crush it with converting internet leads into satisfied customers?

In this MUST watch video, I’m going to give you the top 4 ways to handle internet leads and the deadly traps to avoid. 


Here’s your new mantra: it’s Buy or Die, baby! 


Think about it…the lead wouldn’t have come in if the customer didn’t have an itch. It’s your job to scratch that itch, and you can only do that if you get in contact. If someone gave you their phone number, it means they’re okay with you calling. 


I’ve never seen a phone bite someone. You gotta make those calls! 


The customer was feeling an emotion when they gave you their phone number, it’s VITALLY important you catch them when they’re still in that emotion or they’ll lose it! 


The salesperson that responds with SPEED is going to catch that lead! 


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Watch this video NOW! I’ll teach you the best approach for phone calls, texts, emails,and video follow up! Start converting internet leads TODAY!


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