Typical Car Sales Person’s Day

What does a typical car sales person's day usually consist of?

What does a typical car sales person’s day usually consist of?
1. Arriving at work
2. Getting on Facebook and posting your status
3. Drinking coffee with your co-workers
4. Having a meeting (if your store actually does this)
5. Checking your news feed while you wait for an “up” ( a customer)
6. Drinking more coffee
7. Switching to Instagram
8. Checking the news feed on Instagram and comparing newsfeeds on both
social media sites… making sure nothing has changed.
9. Complaining about not making enough money
10. Going to lunch, returning from lunch ( 1/2 hour late)
11. Griping about how slow it is
12. Catching an “up”
13. Cutting the customer loose without a “turn over” to management (he was a
flake anyway; he was just looking)
14. Calling some old friend at another dealership to compare how slow it is there
15. Waiting for another “up”
16. Re-checking your feed to see how many responses or likes you got since
17. Watching the clock, wishing your shift was over
18. Drinking some more coffee
19. And finally, thankfully your day has come to an end (as you leave 5 minutes
20. You are heard telling some other salespeople that you may have to find
another job if this one doesn’t hurry up and pan out.
What can we learn from this… don’t be that person.
Here is a video about “11 Time Waster”.

Here is a video about "11 Time Waster".