Want to Sell More Cars? Change Your Mindset.

One of the biggest challenges to getting back on track is regaining and maintaining a constant belief in the potential this business offers every salesperson who is serious. Having the right mindset will allow you to sell more cars.

When I first started selling cars, I thought everybody was a buyer. Since that’s what I believed, I gave everybody I talked to my best presentation and demonstration. Even though I didn’t know much about cars or selling, my enthusiasm carried me through and I sold cars in spite of what I didn’t know.

One of the most common questions from salespeople is, “I started out good, then my sales dropped –What happened?”

If you are experiencing this, the answer is easy. You think you have the system pegged. You started pre-qualifying every prospect to make sure they can and want to buy today. After all, why go through the trouble to give them a great presentation and demonstration, if you don’t think they are serious or can’t qualify?

Plus, the most negative people in the dealership have worked hard to steal your enthusiasm. You’re comfortable in the process and the negativity wins.

It isn’t rocket science. Within weeks, sales people stop getting excited about every opportunity to sell and they head for the shortcuts. They start demanding that prospects prove they’re interested and can buy before they do their best to get them to want to buy. They stop building value and start focusing on price.

To deliver more units in any market, you have to make three positive assumptions about every customer who walks on your lot:

  • They can buy
  • They came to buy
  • I will deliver them a vehicle if I do my job

In a tough market, like we are in today, you need to be careful to avoid questioning and disbelieving these 3 critical assumptions. Otherwise, you’ll move into the mindset of “Can’t”. That’s when everything starts falling apart. You don’t know who can buy or who will buy until you know. If you remain in the “Can’t” mindset you will limit your opportunities to sell. That’s why learning more every day is critical. Learning more helps you keep “can’t” out of your vocabulary. If you want to sell more cars change your mindset!

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