What Car Salesmen Say About the Master Closer Seminar

What Car Salesmen Say About the Master Closer Seminar 


In this video, we’re interviewing several attendees from the Master Closer Seminar to get their perspective on what the in-person training has done for them. 


Some of the comments we heard: 


“There is ABSOLUTELY nothing like being at the seminar. The training videos are great, but the in-person training is next level- straight skills- and the atmosphere is electric!” 


“In addition to the skills and mindset training, you are who you surround yourself with. In this seminar, you know everyone here is part of your tribe. Best place for networking and making connections that you might not have back home at your dealership.”   


“A lot of dealerships say they offer in-house training, yet, most often the managers lack the time to train their teams with the up-to-date skills and knowledge needed to achieve success in the industry. They train for average results, if they train at all.” 


Romeo, who has attended FIVE Master Closer Seminars for five consecutive months says, “Put it this way, if you go to the gym, put in the effort and workout as best you can with your limited knowledge, yeah, you’ll eventually see some results. If you hire an Olympic-level professional to train you on workouts, diet, mindset, someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses and knows how to push you to achieve your best- will you see results? 

ABSOLUTELY!! It’s the BEST investment you can make to get from A to Z in the shortest time frame possible!”


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Watch this video, get PUMPED and we’ll see you at the next Master Closer Seminar!