What Does a Car Salesman Really Make?

What Does a Car Salesman Really Make? 



This POWERFUL podcast will blow your mind!  


I’m live at the Master Closer Seminar, and I’m going to be rotating interviews with sales professionals so you can hear their testimonials. I want you to hear from their perspective what this training has done for them, how it’s impacted and changed their lives! 


“This is my sixth Master Closer Seminar and it definitely won’t be my last! It’s different every time! Always learning something new- it blows me away every single time! I’m 21 years old, last month’s check was $26,000.”


 “I’m 23 years old,  brand new to auto sales, and started training with Andy 4 days after being hired. I’ve been training with Andy for over 60 days now. My second month, I sold 17 cars and I took a week-long vacation that month!” 


“One of the highlights of attending a Master Closer Seminar in-person is the ENERGY- it’s palpable! Networking with high-achievers who are passionate about becoming 1%ers, surrounding yourself with a like-minded tribe, it kindles that fire within that you take back to your dealership to CRUSH it!” 


Listen, guys, time and experience doesn’t equal the most money made! 


When you can’t make the choice, the choice is made for you. If you want to be the BEST, it will cost you something. It will cost your comfort, it will cost your time, it will cost sacrificing negative self-limiting mindsets. You have to make an investment in yourself! 


Recreate yourself- unleash your full potential. When you don’t fear anything you’re dangerous! 


Fear is mostly made up, it’s something that’s not real. Everything you want in life is on the other side of being uncomfortable, on the other side of fear! Do not be afraid of anything and thrive under pressure! Playing at the highest level!


Are you ready to CRUSH it?? Text me at 918-210-0254 and get ready to transform your LIFE! 


Listen to this podcast, get familiar with this tribe! They’re the ones to watch- leaving their mark on the auto sales industry!