What Would Andy Tell His 20 Year Old Self?

What Would Andy Tell His 20 Year Old Self? 



Do you know what I would tell my 20 year old self? NO ONE is coming to your rescue, NO ONE is coming to change your life! If you’re not willing to get uncomfortable to change your life- your life won’t change! 


Why live your life in fear of what other people think? People are too self-absorbed to care about what you’re doing anyway! 


There are two reasons people criticize your dreams- if you change and become successful it makes them feel inferior, and chances are, the people who criticize the loudest tried to follow their own dreams before and failed.


Every obstacle against you is the fuel that propels you! All the critics and nay-sayers make victory sweeter! Accomplish your goals, show them how it’s done! You’ll inspire them to dust off and try again!  


Your comeback story starts today! You win the race by training hard today! You don’t wait for race day to train! 


Knowledge is power, but ACTION is everything! You have to invest in your dream and you have to train hard! Broke people spend money, wealthy people use their money to improve their lives! 


The thing that should scare you the most is being the exact same (or worse)  next year! If you’re not improving yourself, you’re sliding backwards. 

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