Why Coronavirus is Good for Automotive Sales People

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing car dealerships to start taking drastic action. Most dealership are replacing handshakes with elbow bumps and requiring car salespeople to have hand-sanitizer readily available. Others are moving to more virtual solutions.

The effects of coronavirus will be wide-spread. Thousands of people have already contracted the virus. Although most are recovering, the impact will be far-reaching, and things will get worse over the next few weeks. It can be shocking to hear something so bad can be good for automotive sales people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend businesses take necessary precautions to protect employees and consumers. Coronavirus is not a matter to take lightly, but the news is not all bad for dealerships and sales people.

So why is the coronavirus good for automotive sales people?

Things will get back to normal. People will still need to shop for a vehicle. Some of you will be much smarter because of this experience. How?

First, the majority of automotive sales people have become complacent and are satisfied with mediocrity. Complacency breeds failure and kills success. Sure signs you are complacent include laziness, loss of focus, failure to learn, defensiveness, ignoring customers, and blaming others. The coronavirus is revealing how complacent the majority of automotive sales people really are. Now is the time to step out of complacency, start training, and improve your skill.

Second, the virus is teaching automotive sales people they cannot rely on their dealerships to make them successful. The time for waiting on leads is over. If you are not actively generating your own leads you are setting yourself up for failure. Now that dealerships are closing their doors to combat the spread of coronavirus, you are left to fend for yourself. The steps you should have been taking to begin with, are being forced upon you. It’s time to start generating your own leads.

Third, nothing lasts forever and money eases the pain. Someone once said, “Cash is king.” Money isn’t the answer to everything. However, during times like these having enough money sure eases a lot of pressure. Can you afford to take a week off? A month off? If not, don’t blame anyone but yourself. The easiest way to make sure you have enough money is to be highly skilled at selling cars. The second, is to be smarter with your money.

The coronavirus is a serious issue and not something anyone should make light of. It’s also a reality-check for all of us. We are here to help you come out of this experience stronger and smarter. Take this time to start training. Our $0 to $100,000 Car Sales Training course will give you the foundation to be highly successful selling cars. New courses coming out will further strengthen your sales skills.

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