Why Focusing on Closing is Overrated and Killing Your Paycheck

Every salesperson, manager, and owner likes to talk about closing the sale. We all know strong closers, and we all know people we refer to as weak. Most trainers will train for hours on closing. I have a different approach!

Ask yourself this question:

How effective are closing words or phrases when it comes to the following:

  • A bad first impression
  • Failure to build rapport with the customer
  • Not taking time to investigate the wants and needs of the customer properly
  • Not determining your customer’s hot buttons
  • Showing the customer the wrong vehicle at first
  • Failing to earn the customer’s respect or trust

Closing is not simply about the end of the sale. Closing is everything you do that has a positive effect on the sale from the moment the customer sees you. You are closing throughout the entire sales process.

Too many salespeople fail to do the first part of the sale right (make a good first impression, meet and greet, build rapport, investigate, present the vehicle, demo drive, etc…) and hope that the “tricky” closing techniques that they learned will make the sale for them. It doesn’t work that way! Unless of course, you make the vehicle cheap enough they buy it in spite of you.

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So, how do you get better at closing???

Start by getting better at meeting and greeting the customer. Make an impacting first impression. Take the time to build rapport with your customer. Slow down and invest time, diagnosing their needs before prescribing solutions.

Think about doctors, attorneys, CPAs, etc… What type of fact finding do they do before suggesting a remedy? An attorney doesn’t greet you, make a little small talk, and then recommend you plead guilty. A doctor does not prescribe medication without first understanding everything about your medical condition.

Professionals ask a lot of questions first. You need to do the same. Learn to keep from making the mistake of telling your customer too much, especially before you understand what they need!

You make closing the sale super easy when you have a series of well-placed questions. Customers are more excited when they are involved in the process. When customers are involved throughout the process, they feel a greater sense of urgency to buy the vehicle. Trying to close the sale without following these steps is more like a brawl.

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