Why Most Car Salesmen Fail

Why Most Car Salesmen Fail


Do you want to know why most car salespeople fail? 

There are two types of salespeople. 


There’s the 99% that stay in the easy lane. They don’t want to be uncomfortable or risk too much, they want to stay in familiar patterns and routines and make slow, gradual changes- YET they still expect to earn the income the 1%ers earn. 


Let me assure you, to earn the income of a top-performer, you’re going to have to adjust your mindset and embrace being uncomfortable! 


If you look and act like your competition, you will get treated like your competition! 


If you want to be EXCEPTIONAL in this industry, it’s not about making money, it’s about mastering the craft. Yes, you will increase your income! As you improve your mindset and skills, you will close more deals! 


If you’re playing to win, first, you’ve got to get in the game! Average players sit on the sidelines! Have you ever seen an exceptional athlete who doesn’t train? Who doesn’t make sacrifices? Who isn’t disciplined? 


Talk is cheap, action is everything! If you want uncommon results you MUST take uncommon actions day after day until you achieve mastery! And then guess what? After you crush your goals, if you’re a beast, you go look for a bigger mountain to climb! 


Investing in yourself is the single BEST investment you can ever make! Why? Because no one can ever take that away from you! You evolve and level-up who you are and that increases your personal value across the board! You can excel at any job, in any industry, in any setting! 


Why do most car salesmen fail? They sit on the bench, they never get in the game! 


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